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The BMW X6

Hello guys and heres a little info on the BMW X6 vehicle. That we manufacture mats plus boot liners for.

The BMW X6 was introduced in 2008  where it was classed as a sports activity coupe Having the benefits of an SUV vehicle with regard to ground clearance, all wheel drive but with a sloping coupe style back end to the car.

While we have heard from both folks that love them and folks that hate them i think this mat be a marmaite vehicle that you will love or hate. I for one have never owned a BMW X6 and so could not comment but i can say that the fully tailored X6 Floor mats that are produced in our UK car mats factory are the finest quality.

See more regarding our own brand of by clicking the image below .

Fully custom fitted X6 Mats

Fully custom fitted X6 Mats

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