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Brand New To UK . Audi Rubber Mats Vanilla Infused

Brand New For 2015. We have great pleasure in showing off the New Fully tailored Rubber car mats for Audi Vehicles.

With anti spill lips all around the moulded rubber mats set these high quality Fitted Car mats Are quite simply fantastic.

Currently we have them rolled out for the VW group. So we have Audi, BMW, VW as well as more added monthly throughout 2015.

Infused with vanilla.

fitted floor mats in rubber for Audi VW BMW

Rubber car mats . Audi BMW VW

Rubber car mats . Audi BMW VW

A superb little addition is that the rubber is infused with vanilla which acts as a air freshner.

The rubber mats sets also have the correct fixings.

To see more of these superb Fitted winter or summer car mats please see the website.




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