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Personalised Car Mats, The Ideal Christmas Gift

Well i guess you guys have already started thinking about what to buy a loved one for Christmas this year?.

Its a struggle. But what about this idea.

Personalised Car Mats, Fully tailored

As a Christmas Gift with a  difference you may consider a set of fully Fitted car floor mats that are also personalised./

www.carmats2u.co.uk offer their customers the facility to either add names to the fully tailored car mats, or even email in an image that you want putting onto the car mats sets.

This could be your Football team badge, company logo, or indeed anything you may see fit for the occasion.

fitted car floor mats

high quality car mats

You may wish to add a Logo of the car as above like the Subaru STI Logo in Platinum Grade Carpet.

Remember each set of car floor mats is manufactured to fit the specific model ordered and therefore fit perfecty including Correct fixings for the mats.

car-mats-personalised     Excel grade with two tone trim plus Name.

We believe the ideal, alternative christmas gift this year would be to offer the driver in your life a new set of custom fitted car floor mats that have also been personalised.

For more information or to order online please see www.carmats2u.co.uk



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