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Stainless steel Embosted Bumper protectors

Now with all the things we tend to lift in or out of our car boots, is it any wonder the bumpers get scratched, scraped, chipped & worn?

Carmats2u.co.uk now offer fully fitted bumper protectors with a super looking brushed stainless steel effect, embosted too.

stainless steel bumper protector

These bumper protectors are a step above the rubber flaps normally used. they stay on the vehicle, they keep the residual value of the car, plus they look great, enhancing the body styling on the vehicle.

Available to any vehicle the steel bumper protectors really are a cut above any other protector.

Its great to see a practical, yet stylish product on the automotive market.

To see a full detailed description of this wonderful product please see the website link hereĀ 


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