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January 2017 So far

Hello from carmats2u

Well its been a wet, cold windy & snowy start to 2017 and you would see this with the huge amounts of rubber car mats plus boot liner sets that have been ordered fr all makes or models of vehicle.

As the UK`s premier manufacturer of tailored car mats we always get high volumes of rubber floor mats orders but this year was almost double the norm. and with a week to go before the end of January 2017 we expect to haveĀ  a record number of customers this winter.

Our rubber car mats are fully tailored to fit each model and are not universal mats, The ca mats also have the correct fixings where needed for extra safety.

To see more example of the superb quality car mats or boot liners please visit our Car Mats Website

fitted car mats, carmats2u black rubber

fitted car mats rubber black

fully fitted cargo tray mats

fully fitted cargo tray mats

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