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Fiat Bravo Boot Liner

Fully fitted  Fiat BRAVO boot liner manufactured specifically to fit the rear load space of Fiat Bravo.
Choose 1995-2007 or 2007 onwards models. Please ensure that you order the correct year of Fiat Bravo.

Fully tailored & fitted boot liner to protect the boot of your FIAT Bravo car from 1995.

The ultimate solution to protect your boot/load space areas against dirt, dust, leakages and muddy pets!
With a 5.5cm-6cm protective lip, this will ensure that all dirt and water remains within the boot liner and the central anti-slip area helps limit movement to any product/s carried.
See the exact image of the fitted boot liner above.

  • Perfectly fit the boots of the respective Fiat Bravo Car 1995 onwards model
  • Manufactured from durable plastic/PVC
  • Waterproof and odourless,
  • Resistant to high (up to +80°C) and low (up to -40°C) temperatures,
  • Resistant to oils and chemical spillage,
  • Protective lip on the outline to trap water and dirt,
  • Centrally placed anti-slip mat helping the loads, being carried in the boot, stay in place,
  • Flexible and light which provides for easy installing and removing in/from the boot,
  • Easily rolled up for transportation and storage which provides for costs
  • Very easy to clean: just wipe or hose them down.
 Add a carpet Insert £15.99 PLUS  Rubber bumper protectors just £17.99

Even simple shopping can be a disaster to your Fiat Bravo boot space. Let alone, if you are a fan of windsurfing, tennis, golf, skiing, gardening or fishing. You might need to make the occasional trip to the dump, but that doesn't mean you want your luggage to smell like waste!

  • Please feel free to ask if unsure. Or add a note with order stating exact model and year and we will make sure you get the correct liner.

car Boot liners protect your vehicle against most waste substances

.If you go hiking a lot and transport muddy boots in the rear of your vehicle, why not try a bootliner?

A Fiat Bravo fitted Boot liner stops the mud from spreading through your vehicle and contains any other spillages which may occur. If you work in an industrial environment and need to use your vehicle to transport hazardous waste or construction substances then a resistant boot liner is an absolute must.

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